When Dreams Become Reality

February 8, 2018

People dream of what their futures will hold from the time they can walk, and for high schoolers, their dreams are suddenly becoming a reality. Brielle Thomas started making her dreams come true earlier than usual at a very young age. “Volunteering has always been something that my family has done.” She even started her own nonprofit called “We’ve Got Your Bag” over a year ago, which is growing each day to help more and more foster children who do not have supplies they need. She went through many challenges to get it funded after her grant was not approved, turning up on the news for publicity and awareness, and personally asking local businesses for help, which she received because of her efforts.

Because of Brielle’s can-do attitude and outstanding academics, it was suggested that she apply for Colorado’s Boettcher scholarship. “This is a very prestigious scholarship that comes with great opportunities,” says Mrs. Tanya Pearce, her counselor at Fruita Monument High School. “She is extremely dedicated to service, a huge leader, and really just a very high achiever in all areas.”

According to the Boettcher Foundation, this is a scholarship that is intended to support Colorado’s top high school students with building a Colorado network and using their talents to improve our communities in-state. With this, Thomas would receive a full-ride to any four-year institution in Colorado and get access to many opportunities with networking and alumni benefits. By joining, she is automatically part of a 60-year strong network of Boettcher alumni that can help her proceed to go forth with her dreams.

“I was given the opportunity to apply, and I knew going into this year that I was going to try for everything that I believed I qualified for; I’ve worked very hard over the last four years to take these opportunities,” Brielle explains regarding why she applied.

Regardless of how confident she may have been about her hard work, Brielle had to prepare for other outcomes. “I’ve been keeping my options open and have applied for many different scholarships because the outcome of this is unknown, and although I’m confident, whatever happens is out of my control and I did everything I could- I put in my best possible work.”

She has applied to schools all over the nation, but in Colorado, Brielle hopes to attend the University of Denver or the University of Colorado Boulder.

“Her humility really stands out the most to me, it is one of her features that puts her above. She has a real passion for helping others, and never makes anything about only herself,” explains Pearce.

Brielle spent weeks working on and editing her application. “The day it was due I probably read through the entire application checking grammar and spelling three or four times; it’s not an easy process by any means.”

On Monday, January 29th, Brielle was informed that she went from a semifinalist of 1400 students, to being one of the 100 finalists who will be going to Denver to interview for the final decisions. She will interview in the beginning of March to complete 1 of 42 spots, confidently hoping to gain the title as a Boettcher alumni.

Her recognition of her hard work helps lead her to success and shows that confidence can be truly beneficial in keeping calm when facing challenges such as her scholarship. “Give everything your all. If you put in all the work necessary, and you tried your hardest, then whatever the outcome, you should be proud of yourself.”

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