Weekend DUI patrol increased for Halloween

Catarina Otero, Reporter

Impaired driving is a large issue in the United States, despite having plenty of taxis, buses and ubers around cities. Driving under the influence is not only illegal but is extremely dangerous and often can lead to accidents and even death. Driving even when you think you’re “sober enough” isn’t enough, one slip up or mistake and it can be fatal for not only the driver but someone who is completely innocent. Holiday weekends are celebrated by many but can also raise large concerns from police. Holiday celebrations, like parties, can be prime places for drunk driving situations. Roads often are a hazardous place when mixed with alcohol and other drugs.  After nearly 400 DUI arrests last years Colorado local law enforcement have increased DUI patrols. Halloween night alone had 44 percent of vehicular fatalities- all involving a drunk driver. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in 2016 the fatalities involving alcohol were caused by 21-34 year olds. Colorado State Trooper (who? weighed in on his thoughts about driving under the influence, saying, “its not worth it, call a friend call a taxi. Call someone to come and take you home.” Law enforcement officers are upping their patrols in hopes to limit possible fatalities on a busy holiday night.