Uncovering Trump’s Impeachment

Ella Dillon, Editor

When it comes to politics, the news can be hard to follow. Each website or news channel does in fact report the news, but often reports the news based off of the political angle their company supports leaving impartial people with a sense of bewilderment because they don’t know the full truth. Perhaps no one does. Finding out information is hard to do without someone else’s bias rotting the full picture but there is one thing certain, each person deserves to know at least half of the picture in politics. 

Donald J, Trump, the 45th President of the United States is under fire for abuse of power and obstruction of Congress which could end in him being impeached. Impeachment is defined as the process by which a legislative body levels charges against a government official. 

The charges being held against Donald J, Trump are that he unconstitutionally  sought out the Ukrainian president to boost his chances of re-election in 2020. How you ask? Democrats  believe he consulted the Ukrainian president to try and dig up damaging evidence about Joe Biden and his son to ruin his chances of being elected. By doing this, Democrats say not only was it improper and unconstitutional, but he was also accused of trying to blackmail the president by withholding $400 million of military aid from  the Ukrainian government that had already been allocated by Congress. This money was going to be used in Ukraine’s ongoing fight with Russia. Trump was also said to be obstructing Congress by refusing to cooperate with the congressional inquiry. 

The quote “there’s two sides to every story” truly comes to life with politics. In this fiasco, Democrats stand behind the evidence stating that a formal complaint from a whistleblower says it all. An unnamed intelligence official who wrote a letter expressing concern about Mr Trump’s 25 July call with President Volodymyr Zelensky. The transcript revealed the President Trump had urged  President Zelensky to investigate discredited allegations against Joe and Hunter Biden.This phone call came shortly after Trump blocked the millions of dollars being sent to Ukraine allegedly.

In this whole process, Trump states this whole investigation is “a witch hunt being held by the Democrats and the media”. Trump stands firm  that through communicating with the Ukrainian president, all conferences were completely constitutional because there was no pressure placed on the Ukranian president, no bribery ( because Ukraine was unaware of the financial aid being withheld and all US military aid was eventually released. Republicans believe that Trump had every right to investigate the Bidens and consult the Ukranian government because the fact that Hunter Biden jumped into a position of power as a board member for Ukraine’s largest gas production company with no qualifications for that position seems perplexing.(The Life of Hunter Biden- Business Insider)

On December 13th, lawmakers voted on two articles of impeachment in the House Judiciary Committee. The 14 hour debate ended with 23 votes to impeaching the president and 17 no’s. With this conclusion, the matter is going to now be assessed by the full house and then sent to the Senate for further investigation.  

This controversy will go down in history because  having a Republican president with a Democratic house and a completely party line vote has never happened before. Although the date has not been set, votes from the full house are expected to take place on December 17th or 18th. After this, votes can( if voted yes) or can not(if voted no) will be sent to the Senate where the Constitution requires a 2/3rds majority for a President to be removed from office. 

As citizens all we can do is wait for the Senate hearing to come to a close.