Joe Biden Resurges on Super Tuesday

March 11, 2020

From 27 nominees running to gain the spot for the democratic candidate for president to 2, the race for this sole position has been more critical in the debates, more brutal in the campaigning and has received more coverage from the media it seems like than ever before. With Bernie Sanders projected to gain the wins of most states in Super Tuesday- the day that fourteen different states, including Colorado, hold their state primaries, which in turn narrows down who the democratic nominee for president will be. But one candidate, who was predicted to fall in these polls, has made a huge comeback. 

Joe Biden, former vice president to Barack Obama, swept the polls and received a surging amount of support in almost every one of the fourteen states. Bernie Sanders only won four of these states, compared to Joe Biden winning nine of these. So what happened to the media’s political predictions? Well, three days prior to Super Tuesday, Democratic candidate Pete Buttigieg dropped out from his race for office, endorsing Joe Biden over Bernie Sanders to become the democratic candidate for president. This created a chain reaction among the other nominees, with Amy Klobuchar, Mike Bloomberg and a prediction that Elizabeth Warren will soon follow. If these candidates hadn’t endorsed Joe Biden, would the media’s predictions have been right?

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