2020’s Democratic Convention

Abby Deeths, Reporter

“For love is more powerful than hate. Hope is more powerful than fear. Light is more powerful than dark. This is our moment. This is our mission.” These are words from Joe Biden’s speech during the Democratic National Convention of Thursday night. At the convention, a wide variety of people spoke positively of him.

The Democratic national Convention occurs every four years and normally lasts four days. The tradition began in 1852 as a gathering of Democrats nationwide in which the president and vice presidential nominees accept their nomination to run as candidates in the general election. It also serves as a way for the Democrats to unite and learn what to expect in the upcoming election. 

2020’s Democratic Convention has been like no other in that it was fully virtual due to the Coronavirus pandemic. It was held in Biden’s hometown of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, where most of its speakers were featured virtually. Some of the speeches were pre-recorded and others were live. 

Many speeches occurred all across the country during the convention, but each of them were on similar topics encouraging Democrats to vote and explaining why Biden is worthy of their vote. Some mentionable speakers include former president Barack Obama and his First Lady, politician Bernie Sanders as well as others that have run for president, YouTuber Eva Gutowski, the grandchildren and children of Biden, and of course Biden himself. 

This year’s convention, although far from a standard one, has laid the foundation for the next 75 days of campaigning. Biden’s speech did its job of informing his audience and inspiring them to vote. His extreme criticism of current president, Donald Trump, and talk of drastically different plans for the country if he does get elected has gained him much attention within and even outside of his party.