Beauty Around FMHS

Beauty Around FMHS

Chandra Rea, Reporter

Beauty is defined in the Oxford dictionary as, “The quality of being pleasing to the senses or the mind.” But when we consider the beauty and how we preserve ourselves, it is usually more negative than positive. Beauty standards have begun to become more negative. Media often perceives it to be trying to change our bodies into something more “ideal”: that hair, that body, must be skinny but not too skinny, must be tall but not too tall, – Beauty has become subjective. Due to this, the concept of self-love and beauty have become blurry… how does a person know what is beautiful about themselves? Throughout Fruita Monument- beauty runs deep- but the question lies, how do the students view themselves? You will find diversity through the bodies that roam the halls, each person who has a new story or a new face- a new type of beauty.

Here are some (though not all) of the beauties at Fruita Monument High School, answering the question, “What do you find beautiful about yourself?”

“I think the most beautiful thing about myself is physically my eyes… They are a unique mix of blue and green. But mentally my sense of humor is my favorite trait. I think it brings joy to other people and for that, I think it is beautiful.” -Jewelyann Moore

“What do I find beautiful about myself? Oh well, my smile. I have a dimple and people tend to notice it a lot.” -Adilana Anderson

“I love my hair and my eyes. They are some of my favorite aspects of myself. I think they are beautiful.”- Alexandria Stewart

“My attitude towards life, how I just love everything.” -Quinton Jones

“I think physically I love my face moles because they are unique and suit me very well. Moles tend to have a reputation for being ugly, but I don’t think that’s true at all. I also love how toned I am because it shows the hard work I have put in as an athlete. Personality-wise I love how confident I have become because it helps me strive to reach bigger goals and not let others stop me from achieving those goals.” -Jayda Moore

“What I find most beautiful about myself is my sensitivity. It helps me figure out what I am truly passionate about.” -Lily Rigsby

“I find my eyes the most beautiful thing about myself.” -Boston Adams

“Something I find beautiful about myself is my ability to make friends.” -Jeremy Heer

Beauty may be defined in the dictionary, but it is something that should be defined in the eyes of oneself. How does a person know what is beautiful about themselves? Throughout Fruita Monument- there is an abundance of reasons why students feel they are beautiful, from their physical features to inner traits- beauty is found in every person. If we follow beauty standards then we will get lost in them.