A Local Standpoint on the Vegas Shooting

November 7, 2017

Insanity rained down on fun-filled people on an innocent night in October at Las Vegas Harvest festival. Fifty-nine lives were lost and hundreds injured in the sinister massacre. Not only were so many affected physically at the concert, invisible wounds that cannot be healed will set a toll in the tens of thousands as family and friends from the victims gather in sorrow.

Spreading across the country like wildfire, pain finds its way into your neighborhood. “We have all seen the recent terrorist attacks in abroad countries, but never in my life would I expect to see something this tragic happen to me and innocent people just trying to have a good time,” speaks Ashley Martin’s , a student at Fruita Monument, mom’s good friend Nancy who lives in Grand Junction that visited Vegas for the festival.

She explained  that her family has helped donate blood to the victims in desperate need and has sent money to an organization that is giving money to families affected that cannot pay their medical bills. With this tragic incident it is amazing how our whole nation is reacting and coming together to help out however they can with such a horrifying evening.

We go day by day assuming we are generally safe but don’t realize something this devastating could happen so fast. No one could imagine the pain these people had to witness first hand. It’s mind-boggling the aftermath an incident such as this can have an effect on the world one way or another. Love and time is the only cure to this nightmare.


Picture Credit: The Wall Street Journal

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