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December 1, 2017


It’s the time of year where aspiring poets, writers, and other literary students have the opportunity to shine in an outlet almost completely created by only students. Multum In Parvo, a literary magazine, is a once a year issue created by and for the students of FMHS. This magazine gives talented students a chance to show off their hard work.

Students can write anything they wish. “The most popular submission we get is poetry, but we also get screenplays, short stories, essays, and other things,” President of Multum In Parvo, Nick Waggoner, said, “There’s a lot of diversity in the types of submissions we get.”

Multum In Parvo, the annual magazine, was created as a club run by students, and created with the students in mind.

“Right now we are in our submission phase, the advertising for that, getting publishers to help us,” Waggoner stated. “Mrs. Stanco is our club sponsor, and she helps us organize everything and stuff, basically overseeing everything. Right now we are finding a couple of people to help us, because once we are done after everyone submits, we actually end up publishing way late in the year, because we get a committee of five students or so together and then they read all of the submissions and pick their favorites that will get into the actual magazine.”

This committee of students has the ultimate choosing power, showing that this magazine is created by students, and shows what the students will enjoy the most out of all the submissions.

The submission process is done so early compared to the actual publishing date because of the large number of submissions. “Last year we got about fifty submissions, including photography, stories, poetry, and others” Waggoner continued, “But this year we’ve done a much better job of raising awareness of it, advertising, and telling people about it.” Although, as daunting as entries and a submission committee may be, aspiring writers shouldn’t be worried about submitting pieces. “Last year, we had a few people submitting a lot, so it became the same authors over and over again. This year I’m hoping to find more of a variety, not only in authors but also in types of pieces” Waggoner added. “So if we have, say, fifty submissions, pick maybe one from authors who submitted more to get a variety.”

For authors hoping to get more than one piece into the magazine, though, there is still always a way.

Of course, since it is student run, if a student on the committee believes that there are multiple of a certain authors pieces that should be published, it very well may go in. Technically, students have a ten submission limit, however, it can be increased if you add more submissions after the ten line area on the submission sheet. “The thing is though, most people put their best work first, so if it’s not in the top ten, in has less of a chance to get in,” Waggoner remarked.

The officialness of this magazine and it’s submitters, workers, and sponsors, shows how truly important activities like this are the our high school and town community. “I think that it’s important because, without this magazine, a lot of really good literary pieces by talented authors wouldn’t get as much attention and publicity it deserves.” Waggoner said.

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