2019-2020 Staff

Caitlin Lawson

Web Editor

Caitlin Lawson is a senior this year acting as Managing Editor and Co-Web Editor. Her favorite color is red because it is bold and she lives her life trying to be the same. She is a lover of arts in general, but has a special...

Autumn Detor

Maestro/Business Editor

Autumn is a senior this year who is planning to go to CSU upon high school graduation. She loves kittens, and her word of advice for high schoolers and people in general is "everything gets better, hang on."

Ella Dillon

Sports Editor

Ella Dillon is a senior this year, she is the other Managing Editor and the Sports Editor. Her best memory within high school is her first goal scored in a high school lacrosse game. Her favorite flower is the sunflower and her...

Elliotte Schroeder

Arts and Entertainment Editor

Ellie is a junior this year working as the Arts and Entertainment Editor as well as helping with business. Her favorite quote is "don't be a prisoner to things you can't change." She has a phobia of mice and one word to describe...

Grace King-Wagner

Commentary Editor

Grace King-Wagner is a junior this year and is the acting Commentary Editor. Her favorite color is dark green. Animals make her smile. And her word of advice is "don't eat the yellow snow."

Dillon Gross

Features Editor

Dillon Gross is a junior this year and is the Features Editor. Her aspirations involve writing a book, sharing poetry, working in journalism, and becoming an author.  Her favorite superhero is Doctor Strange. Memes, inside jokes,...

Maddie Clem

News Editor

Maddie Clem is a junior this year but will be graduating early with the class of 2020. Her favorite color is baby blue. The most impactful person in her life is her mother. Her hidden talent is a photographic memory but only with...

Kailee Giddings

Photography Editor

Kailee Giddings is a senior this year, she is the Photography Editor this year. Her favorite quote is "they say the best things take time, that's why I'm always late." Her best story written is "Dear Coach." She loves the outdoors,...

Skyler Cutsforth

Co-Web Editor

Skyler Cutsforth is a junior this year.  He is Co-Web Editor with Caitlin. He says what makes him happy is when Ella makes bad jokes. His favorite class is newspaper, unsurprisingly. The reason he started taking this class was...

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