Adderall Shortage

Say Something Assembly

Fruita Church Case Update

AI Affecting the Film Industry

Israel and Palestine Conflict

Camilla’s Kaffe Closing

Wolves Reintroduced to Western Colorado

Israel and Hamas Conflict

An Astronomical Event

Pulling the Plug on Highline Lake

When will America be vaccinated?

Georgia flips the Senate! And what that means for the next 4 years

Wait, what actually happened with Trump’s second impeachment?

Is the Covid-19 Vaccine Safe?

Which mask is best?

Outdoor classrooms

2020 Hunting Season

What’s up with the Covid vaccine?

Are kids prepared to go online if school closes?

Fruita Monument is moving to remote learning

Pine Gulch Fires

Shifting Republicanism & The Party’s Future in Colorado

How animals are affected by Colorado’s Pine Gulch Fire

ICE Detention Centers: The Modern Atrocity of America

How Seniors View Coronavirus

Taking the first steps to reopening

Pollution Levels Dropping In Relation To Covid-19

Foster Care, Juvenile Detention, and Adoption in the Time of Coronavirus

Are We Really Afraid of COVID-19?

Combating loneliness during social isolation

Plastic eating bacteria: are they the key to the pollution problem?

Unexpected Passion

Are Ubers safe?

What can we do when the world is burning?

An 11 year old copies the Columbine shooting

Is Artificial Intelligence Our Demise?

The student body gathered to celebrate the ribbon cutting at FMHS’s commons area

Bond Measure 4A failed, how does that affect us?

Uncovering Trump’s Impeachment

Philantropist YouTuber Plants 20 Million Trees

How to prevent getting sick

The Societal Issues Behind Representative Katie Hill’s Resignation

Big Business for FBLA

The Hurricane Season Of 2019

The Amazon Rainforest

The Pathways Family Shelter

Trump Administration v The ESA

International Walkout Brings Fresh Voice to Climate Change

Celebrity Money Scandal

The Future For Recycling

A New Look at Fruita’s Schedule

This Year’s Women’s March

Drug Use in the Entertainment Industry

The 2019 LA Teachers Strike: Here’s Why It’s Controversial

Insight Mars Rover

Suspicious Packages Delivered To Political Figures

Megyn Kelly’s True Face

The Generation of iPhone X

Superintendent Fired Over Lost Money

Sex Trafficking in Mesa County and Colorado

New School Improvements Scheduled To Take Place This School Year

Asia Argento’s Effect on the #MeToo Movement

Man Kills Wife and Two Young Daughters In Colorado

School Shootings Are No Longer A Thing of Imagination

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