Are kids prepared to go online if school closes?

Norah Sechrist, Reporter

      Timber Schuman

School closed March 16th, 2020 due to Covid-19; kids all around started  to panic and didn’t know what online school would be like. Some kids were excited that they didn’t have to go to school anymore and wake up early, some kids were sad and mad that they didn’t get to see their friends and go to their classes.

 Schools closing all around came out of nowhere and none of the kids from the schools knew what to expect from their online classes. Would they be easy or hard? Would they require a lot more work and effort now that they couldn’t even see their teacher in person? If they didn’t know something, they couldn’t just raise their hand and a teacher would be on their way. It didn’t work like that anymore and no one knew what to expect in the beginning. It was different for every kid and what classes they were taking at that time. It was a very confusing thing to do school from home, something we have never done before for months at a time, it wasn’t what we were taught to do and it definitely wasn’t normal for anyone.

Due to the many Covid cases in Mesa County, and how high the numbers are again, everyone’s thought is, is school going to shut down? Are we going to have to go back online for a couple weeks or even months? But the big question is if we have to go back online for the numbers to drop a tremendous amount, are kids prepared this time now to go online, now that they know how it works? The teachers are prepared and have their courses if we happen to go online, they are prepared to teach the rest of  the school year. Ciara Leon, a student in the sophomore class at Fruita Monument High School was asked the question, “do you feel that if we do go online, would you struggle as much as you did the first time you went to online school? Her response was “I feel that I was so stressed and didn’t know what to do online the first time but now that I know what it is, I feel that I would create an organizer to get all my work done and finish it all.” Now that some kids around Mesa County are expecting to go online they are getting prepared and finding a schedule that will work for them to get all of their school work done. 

When school first got shut down it came as a shock and teachers were not as prepared to teach their students and students did not know how online worked because they had never done it before. They are planning round two of online schooling praying that it will be better than the first time we all had to go online and that kids know what they are doing now and are ready for it. For millions of students, having in-school learning won’t be much better than it was in the spring. Hopefully students from all around the world stay motivated to keep up their good grades and do the school work required for the year and have a well, thought-out plan to stay up with their work and don’t fall behind.

Online schooling won’t be easy, it requires the ability to stay motivated throughout the year and to keep up with work. No one was prepared last time schools around the world had to shut down due to Covid-19, now that we have done it once, we shouldn’t have any shocks in what it might be about to be.