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Going Digital: SAT and ACT

Young Girl Raises Money for her Own Brain Surgeries

Social Media’s Numbing Effect on Society

36 Killed in Japanese Animation Studio Fire: Arsonist Sentenced to Death

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Megan Davis: Masonic Student of the Month

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Human Head Found in a Hoarders Freezer

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Bye-Bye Beautiful Skies

Many Jobs and Many Jobless

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Professional Putting

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Profits for Pros

Catastrophe at Melrose Hotel

The World is Dying

Cars After Covid

Mesa County Clerk Faulted for Voting Equipment Passwords Leak

Bye-Bye Beautiful Skies

Cars After Covid

Catastrophe at Melrose Hotel

The World is Dying

Profits for Pros

The Fight Over Line 3

Drought in the Grand Valley

Professional Putting

Effects From Colorado Housing Market Creates Crisis

Many Jobs and Many Jobless

Goodbye Mr. Morales! 

America rolls out vaccine doses 

Trump blocked from social media 

The Powers of Gen-Z 

2021 Stargazing Extravaganzas

Riots at the Capitol 

The Weeknd shocks fans with new look 

Democrats shift Senate with Georgia victory 

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Mesa County Moves to Level Orange on the CO COVID-19 Risk Dial 

High schoolers are back on campus 

Dippin’ Dots helps save the US 

Athletes shouldn’t have to wear masks while competing

Transition to a New Era

An update on the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine

What does Christmas look like in the city this year?

Covid in Mesa County

Fruita Police Department Launches Operation Porch Pirate

The reign of the Cameron Peak Fire comes to an end

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Hundreds of journalists are being laid off when the world needs them the most

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Why Germany’s Death Rate Is So Low

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How People are Reacting to this Pandemic

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How athletes and celebrities are trying to help during this pandemic

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China’s divorce rates increase as lockdown eases

Vitamin C’s relationship with COVID-19

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Focus on yourself in quarantine

It’s important to create a healthy, daily schedule during quarantine

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How will the government’s new relief bill help me?

How you can build a healthy immune system to protect against COVID-19

Is the Hype House the new Team 10

Crumbl Cookies coming to Grand Junction!

CMU converts to online classes for the remainder of the semester

Air pollution in China drops

Games to Play During Quarantine to Stay Connected

Cheap Dinners that Keep You Full 

Free entertainment to help you survive Covid-19

Bus stop covers in Holland are being covered in plants as tribute to bees

Antarctica Gets First Documented Heat Wave

A Break For Mother Nature In 2020

Katy Perry Announces Pregnancy in New Music Video

Traveling and the Coronavirus

The Rise of Pet Custody Cases

Wooden Vs. Mechanical Pencils

Mirrorless Cameras vs. DSLR Camera

Joe Biden Resurges on Super Tuesday

Black Monday: The 2020 Stock Market Crash

Can dogs get the Coronavirus?

A New Look For the Fruita Community Center

Coachella Postponed

My Queen Taylor Swift

Where is the best skiing in Colorado?

Climate Crisis Leads to Possible Loss of State Birds

What the Rise of Skywalker Needs to be

10,066-Mile Journey

Fruita: Friendly and Fortified

Netherlands Stray Dogs

New Fossils Show What Happened for a Million Years After Dinosaur Extinction

Biggest Trout Ever Caught

The Impact of Music

Cancer Death Rates Decrease In the Past Year

TikTok Concerns

An Update on U.S. Immigration Detention Centers in 2020

NFL Playoffs Overview

Ivory Coast Design Student Creates African Culture – Based Emoji Set

Is 2020 the Beginning of WW3?

World War Three?

Puerto Rico is Still Shaking

The Bachelor Season Premiere

Everything You Need to Know About the Australian Wildfires

2020 Tip Challenge

Australian Bushfires

District 51 First United Winter Dance

Fruita Monument’s Boys Soccer Team Controversially Doesn’t Get a Playoff Spot

Tobacco Age Raised to 21

New Arrest in Mac Miller Overdose Case

Southwest Airlines Expand Flights

Tropical Storm Dorian Headed for Puerto Rico

Vehicular Vikings

Man Paddleboards Across The Atlantic

Once Predators Now Prey

Jared Polis Recall Effort Reaches Mesa County

Retirement Heard Around the World

Why the Amazon Doesn’t Really Produce 20% of the World’s Oxygen

Hundreds Help say Goodbye to El Paso Shooting Victim

Pumpkin Spice Pumps Up Fall

Youth Activist Rallies Popeyes Customers to Get Out and Vote

Wildcats Softball Sweeps Demons in Doubleheader

Johnson and Johnson Loses Multi-Million Dollar Opioid Lawsuit

Trump Wants to use Nuclear Bombs to Stop Hurricanes

Ben Roethlisberger vs. Antonio Brown: Drama of the 21st century

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