The reign of the Cameron Peak Fire comes to an end

Mariella Schermerhorn, Reporter

The largest wildfire in Colorado history finally was contained after it lasted for a total of 112 days. It burned for a total of 208,913 acres. A thousand of the residents in the area had to evacuate their homes, and a total of 461 structures were burned down. Of those destroyed structures, 42 were primary residences and 17 were businesses. This fire took place west of Fort Collins in the Roosevelt Nation Forest with no known cause as to why it first ignited. Fortunately, no one died during this tragic event, and there was the minimal injury sustained. On October 14, the fire erupted to about 158,300 acres in one day, but before 2020’s disaster came upon the world, the largest fire to occur in Colorado was the Hayman Fire in 2002. This fire burned about 137,760 acres, but Cameron Peak easily beat that number in a matter of 24 hours, and almost doubled it in four months. In lighter news, Denver7 views donated to the Wildfire Victims fund to those who had lost everything, and the couple Clint and Stacey Young are more determined than ever to rebuild what was burned away.