Hobbies to get into during quarantine

Paige Daniels, Reporter

2020 hasn’t been what anyone predicted. These first three months are already crazy with the Australia fires and, obviously,COVID-19. The outbreak has caused schools to close, restaurants to shut down, and orders to stay in your home necessary trips to the grocery store and work. So with all this extra time on their hands, people have resorted to taking on new hobbies.

One of the most common hobbies is knitting or crocheting. In this time of quarantine there are hours upon hours of free time and what better time to spend on crocheting something that requires much attention. There is lots of hate on knitting and crocheting, saying that it’s for old people, but really it can be quite relaxing. And who couldn’t use a little relaxation right now?

Another hobby that will sure take up some time, is learning how to play a new instrument. Either brush out the old violin from middle school or start with something new. Learning a new instrument can really be a good break from your normal netflix binge watching. 

Trying something new can keep our brains working and keep our spirits up while we wait out this coronavirus. If it’s spending hours knitting a lopsided hat, getting a few squeaks out of a trumpet or just sleeping till noon taking the time to give something new a shot might help you more than you think.