The World is Dying

Mariella Schermerhorn, Editor

The world is dying. That isn’t an opinion, it is simply just a fact of the present. Global warming and the effects of human activity have caused current natural disasters that are only supposed to get worse in the near future. Here in the Mesa County Valley, the community can see the vast amounts of smoke in the air. These wildfires that seem to be a repeat of last year have burnt up the vegetation that soaks up water from precipitation. As an effect, the valley has seen mudslides that are more common. These mudslides have affected the roads, and have caused more accidents to occur more frequently.

According to Nasa’s Global Climate Change Website, hurricanes are foreseen to get even more strong and intense, which could be disastrous for many communities. Over the next century, the temperature is expected to rise 2.5-10 degrees Fahrenheit over the next century. That is most of Generation Z’s lifetime. Due to this temperature rise, glaciers are melting, and the arctic is supposed to be ice-free in the next few decades. Droughts and heatwaves will become more persistent and dangerous, and due to warmer temperatures, the Growing/Frost season is supposed to lengthen. The patterns in precipitation have changed dramatically, as some areas are receiving more than the national average. Not only that, but the Global Sea Level is projected to rise about 1-8 feet by 2100.

Here is a list, provided by Alternative Daily, of animals that are projected to go extinct by 2050 due to human activity.

  1. Orangutans 
  2. Rhinos
  3. Polar Bears 
  4. Gorillas
  5. Cheetahs

 Humans have most of the blame for the way the world is reacting to the abuse. Carbon emissions, pollution, etc. have all been the act of humanity as a whole. And conditions are only expected to get worse.