Catastrophe at Melrose Hotel

Emma Priske, Journalist

Colorado boasts the site of many well-known “haunted” hotels, however, Mesa County locals could be unaware of the fact that their valley holds a hidden gem which bears similar haunting nature. 


Grand Junction’s Melrose Hotel, built in 1908, shares tragic stories of past owners who dreamed of opening a friendly place for guests to stay along their travels. Sabrina Bebb-Jones, deceased wife of Marcus Bebb-Jones, went missing in 1997. The two were experiencing marital discord before the time of her disappearance, at the time she was reported missing Marcus Bebb-Jones was found in a hotel room in Las Vegas after an apparent suicide attempt. Seven years after she was reported missing her remains were found on Garfield Pass. Most cases, especially ones like these, go cold after a few years without any leads. The Garfield County Sheriff’s department did not stop fighting to solve this case and five years later Marcus Bebb-Jones was arrested for the murder of his wife. In 2013, almost seven years later, Marcus Bebb-Jones plead guilty to the second degree murder of Sabrina Bebb-Jones. 


The next owner, Joya De Pasquale, purchased the hotel from Bebb-Jones and currently lives on the top floor. She has reported several occurrences of paranormal activity ranging from childish ways such as opening doors that were previously closed, to more malicious sightings of a pale figure in a white dress. De Pasquale invited the iconic Ghost Adventures crew to the hotel to film for four days. During their stay they experienced negative energy that seems to only influence men. Zak Bagans, lead paranormal investigator, claims that “the vicious entities seem to only target men and may have even been responsible for the brutal murder of the hotel’s previous owner”. One thing is certain- Marcus Bebb-Jones did murder his wife in a “heat of passion” as he previously stated, however, is it possible that the hotel’s malicious energy had anything to do with it?