How Seniors View Coronavirus

Christian Torcia, Reporter

This unprecedented pandemic the world is facing has caused the world to change as we once knew it, and one of the most affected age groups is the young adults graduating in 2020. Whether it’s missed sports, proms or even an in-person graduation, our age group is missing out on so many once in a lifetime memories. For the general population out of high school, whether they graduated last year or three decades ago, if you ask a girl what dress they wore to prom or a guy what his senior season of sports was like, they’ll know because those memories are priceless and you can’t get those back. It’s unanimous that the class of 2020 is missing one of the most memorable years of their lives.:


Not only does the class feel sad about the loss of our best year of high school and arguably our lives, but we also feel cheated. We’ve been asked by every adult to put on a brave face, and I’m sure many have heard teachers, parents, and other respected adults say a couple of the following: “It’s out of your control,” “I’m proud of how you’re handling this,” “I understand if you’re upset.” Upset is an understatement and many of the class of 2020 is in agreement with me. 

While the adults saying these things to us are trying to be kind and understanding, it’s hard to come to terms with them because they don’t understand. They don’t understand what it is to have an awesome senior promposal planned and never get to go through with it. They don’t understand what it’s like to not score a winning goal or touchdown your senior year. They don’t understand what it’s like to have worked for captain for three years and have it torn from you. They don’t understand simply not being able to go to class and see your favorite teachers who you’ve created bonds with for years. They don’t understand because they can’t. 

There’s been praise all around the country for our seniors and being so strong through this all, but while we’re being strong, to be frank we’re pissed. We’re mad at the world and how it’s ruining our best year of high school. We’re strong, pissed, and determined to still make memories that will last a lifetime and that’s why I feel the class of 2020 is the most connected group of seniors ever. Regardless of race, gender, political party, religion, or upbringing we’ve all been put against a common enemy and losing one of the best years of our lives. It’s arguable that no one knows exactly what it’s like to have something so unprecedented come and upend your entire life in a way quite like the seniors of 2020 have experienced. 


Many seniors at FMHS have a lot of feelings about this. Senior Chloe Noga says, “This is sad.” “I wish I knew the last time I walked into high school would be the last because I took it for granted.” 

Kylan Dickerson says, “It sucks,” “It took away a lot of firsts and lasts for everyone in the class of 2020. It feels like we worked so hard for nothing.” 

Chloe Williams says, “It feels like I’ve worked really hard for the past 12 years only to not get the best 3 months of it.”


It’s clear that the seniors of 2020 feel cheated. We’ve worked our asses off for something that never came into fruition, and I feel the worst part of this for every senior is that it’s not any of our faults. We went above and beyond and did everything we needed to do to get to this point but even that wasn’t enough. While this class is strong in numbers and in spirit it’s disheartening to hear that we won’t be given our firsts and lasts. We won’t be given our last day and our goodbyes to each other. We won’t be given all the things we deserve but in our hearts 2020 will forever be the best class this world has been graced with.