Outdoor classrooms

Norah Sechrist, Reporter

Our world right now revolves around ideas on how we can make our world better and one of the biggest concerns people are having right now is Covid-19. What we can do to stop it, what we can do to help the amount of sick people decrease, and what we can do to have kids still learning while not being in school. One of the new big ideas is having outdoor classrooms for students all around the world. But will that help?

Outdoors classrooms have their pros and cons but this could be the answer to getting students back into school without doing it online, staying within the rules we have due to Covid-19. Outdoor classrooms could be very useful in the ways it would be easier to social distance from one another, more fresh air, and a change in scenery. Weather would be a challenge though. They would not work everywhere; some places are too hot, some places are too cold, and have many distractions, such as bugs. 

Everyday Monday through Friday, from 8:00-3:00 students are stuck in their classrooms without fresh air and the same four walls. Having a class or two outside could be very beneficial to some students. Getting the fresh air they need throughout the day and having a fun, entertaining class could be very nice to some students. Having that break from being stuck inside the same four walls could be helpful. They would be extremely helpful to those kids who have a hard time doing online school and have trouble learning from there. 

With outdoor classrooms it would be very beneficial for students’ mental health. It’s a safe way to go to school and have social interactions with still learning and being there, able to ask their teacher questions. They could be set up permanently or just for one class. It could really improve students’ health by getting the fresh air their bodies need. Savannah Quimby, a student at Fruita Monument High School, says that, “ I think outdoor classrooms would be kind of nice to have throughout the day, and I think the kids would really enjoy having a class outside where they can socially distance but still be around their classmates. And I think it would be a great place to be able to learn in school without having to wear masks and without having to worry about being crammed in a small classroom with other kids that are scared that they are getting sick.”   Many kids would enjoy having a classroom outside and the kids that don’t like online school or don’t feel that they do good in online school can go to school without having certain precautions.

 Outdoor classrooms don’t seem like a bad idea and it could be a major benefit to most kids that need to be in school with the teacher’s help so that they can ask questions and understand what they’re learning about. there would be many ups and downs and pros and cons with outdoor classrooms it just depends on what kind of a  student you are and how you learn better.