What can we do when the world is burning?

February 4, 2020

According to the Insurance Information Institute, from January 1 to November 22 of 2019, there were 46,706 wildfires around the world. That is less than in 2018, which had 52,080 wildfires. Over time this is becoming very detrimental to our planet. The question is, why do we have so many wildfires, and what can we do to prevent these fires from happening? 

Human beings are the number one cause of wildfires. These fires are usually caused by cigarette butts being left on land, unmonitored campfires, or intentional acts of arson. Wildfires can also be caused naturally if there is lightning. Lightning could hit a tree and instantly cause an uncontrollable fire. Wildfires that are caused by humans are usually very damaging to property and human life, while natural wildfires can also cause damage but may have beneficial effects on vegetation, animals and ecosystems. 

Fire season is usually in summer, fall, and winter. These are the time of year where it can be very dry and windy, which gives fires the perfect chance to spread. Also, during summer and fall  people tend to be outside more doing outdoor activities that may involve fire. 


Ways to prevent fires 

Because summer is a time of year where outdoor activities are common, fires are more likely. Some simple things anyone can do to prevent fires during these dry times is to never leave a cigarette unattended, always monitor your campfires, make sure you have water to put them out and never leave anything that’s on fire or using fire unattended. 

If a cigarette is not fully put out and is thrown onto grass or land the chances of that area starting on fire is very high, especially when it is dry and windy. To prevent this you can either make sure it is completely put out before throwing it out or throw it away in the trash. 

When camping always make sure a fire is controlled and that there is water near it so that it can be put out completely before it is left unattended. This will prevent it from spreading and catching other things on fire around it. If this does happen it could spread and do a lot of damage before it is found. 

Fire safety is a huge deal and before having a fire or doing anything that involves fire it is best to know how to be safe with it. 

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