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Is the Covid-19 Vaccine Safe?

February 4, 2021

There are many facts, thoughts, and rumors about this topic, the covid vaccine. Many people have their own idea on what the vaccine can do for people, and what it could do for the world. Of course the scientists would do everything they can to make the vaccine as safe as possible for people in the world, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have safety concerns or side effects people worry about.

When taking the vaccine, you are reducing the risk of getting the virus, but also potentially putting yourself at risk side effects. Some possible side effects with taking the Covid- 19 Vaccine are  fever, muscle aches, fatigue and headaches. Side effects will increase the second time you take it and may even be powerful enough to make you stop your daily activities.  Most of the time, these last from around 1-2 days and generally 85% of people have side effects after taking the vaccine according to the article Vaccine FAQs

More than 65.7 million shots for the vaccine have been given to people in 56 countries. This is about 3.3 million doses a day. They are turning many major spots like sports stadiums into places where the virus can be given out . 

You have to be at least 16 and older to receive the vaccine and millions of people a day are getting in it in hopes to not catch or give the virus. Scientists want to start giving vaccines to younger kids soon in hope that Covid will start to lessen and  in the future completely go away. Since the virus has a much lower chance of anything bad happening to younger ages, they want to start out by giving the vaccine to people who need it and then they opened up so that anyone older than 16 can now get the vaccine if they want it. 

Hannah Hilan, a student at Fruita Monument High School said, ¨I definitely do not want the vaccine because of the side effects and I’ve already had it and it wasn’t terrible at all but I do see why people would want to get it. Maya Harrington, a student from Palisade High School says ¨I would get the vaccine because I want this virus to stop and if scientists think this is the way to do it, i’m all for it.¨ It’s very interesting because there is goods and bads and with thinking about both sides, it’s very hard to determine what side you should be on or what you believe off of what others are saying.

The vaccine in some people’s eyes can be a bad thing and people can have the option to get the vaccine or not. There are many rumors that they are going to make people take the vaccine in hope for there to be no Covid very soon in the future. 

Many people are scared to get the vaccine because of how many side effects there are and because it is such a new discovery that they don’t know all that it does or can do to people. Scientists find more information each day and will soon discover what they have to do to make the virus lessen into nothing.

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