School Shootings Are No Longer A Thing of Imagination

October 1, 2018

The days of no longer worrying about if there will be a tomorrow as a Fruita Monument Wildcat, is no longer a thing. Knowing that reality is now having to know what to do if a school shooting occurs terrifies many students at Fruita monument High School. In recent school years, shootings have become a part of the norm. The Florida school shooting for instance, were a wakeup call, that not everyone cares about each member at the school and their safety. Some students at FMHS say they now feel unsafe and find it terrifying that this is our reality.

After doing a count of all the ways it is possible to enter the Fruita Monument High School, there are around 60 doors. Junior Simonson, says she believes there needs to be better security all around the school. She believes it will “help her feel more safe on a day to day basis”. Which is very important to all students at any school. No one wants to wake up every morning preparing for what negativity may come their way, and if their defense is good enough to same them and their fellow classmates.

Student, Kennedy Marshall, a senior at Fruita Monument says, “I believe we all need to learn to spread more kindness all around the school. I think that will help prevent a lot.”  kindness goes a long way for a lot of things.

“I feel like our generation is soft and we need to learn ways we can defend ourselves in the event of school shootings”, says Keenan Garcia, another junior at Fruita Monument. “I was definitely proud to see all students stand up for themselves in the walk up not walk out, and guarding each other the day of the false lockdown. It made me feel more comfortable to see we took action for protecting one another,” commented Garcia.

In the jump of action to find any way to make all students and staff feel safe, there has been talk in other states of allowing teachers weapons. Marshall says, “I know of teachers I would trust with weapons in their hands because they would use them for the right purposes, but others, I would be a little worried about.” getting views from many students, this information stood out the most because, just how do we choose what staff members get the weapons to protect the students?

So the question is, do we follow through with this? “If we really monitor to who and what weapons we give out, then maybe,” stated Garcia, “There has been stories that students have then been trying to take the weapons away from teachers if they know they have them which I don’t feel very comfortable knowing that could happen.”

Overall, the students want to see change. No longer wanting to come to school and wonder if the things they’ve seen on the news, will happen to them today has changed their interest in coming to school everyday.

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