Shooting At Pennsylvania Synagogue

November 13, 2018

On October 27th, a Pennsylvania man stormed into a Pittsburgh synagogue where he opened fire and killed 11 people and leaving many more injured. The shooter was 46 year old Robert Bowers, who had in the past targeted Jews on social media and during the shooting, had made anti-semitic statements which qualified this as a hate crime against Jewish people.

Bowers turned himself in to the police and will be facing 29 charges. According to CNN, this attack is believed to be the deadliest on the Jewish community in American history which is a nightmare. If Bowers is convicted and found guilty he could face the death penalty as a result of the hate crime committed.

Not only were many Jewish people killed and hurt, but there was also two police officers and two SWAT officers that were hurt in the confrontation. Bowers suffered multiple gunshot wounds from the police but is in stable condition. This attack adds on to the long list of public shootings before it as we continue to discriminate against people that aren’t like us or have different viewpoints. Hate crimes have been on the surge in recent years and our security is being put to the test as a result. Hopefully, this attack will show Americans that we can’t continue to do allow these shootings to happen and we have to be better as a society and accept everybody for who they are.

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