Indonesian Airplane Crash

November 15, 2018

On October 29, flight Lion Air JT 610 from Airnav Indonesia, crashed 13 miles out from departure in Jakarta. On board were 181 passengers, three of which were children and 20 ministers, along with the two pilots and six flight attendants. Currently, six bodies have been recovered from the crash and the passengers are believed to  have not survived the tragedy, according to Director of Operations for Basarnas, Bambang Suryo Aji. In the CNN interview, he reported, “My prediction is that no one survived because we only managed to retrieve body parts.” In order to identify the people whose body parts have been found, so far, 21 body bags have been sent to the hospital in east Jakarta. Added to the body bags were personal remains of the victims in the plane crash and debris from the plane that rescuers have located. Rescuers are not certain where the central crash took place and have not located anymore victims since the day of the crash.

The night before takeoff, Lion Air JT 610 was reportedly having difficulties and was considered a “technical issue” which had been cleared on Sunday, October 28, for the flight for the following day. According to the Chief Executive of Lion Air, Edward Sirait, “This plane previously flew from Denpasar to Jakarta. There was a report of a technical issue, which had been resolved according to procedure.”

There are currently 250 rescuers plastered in a 150 mile area, fighting through the cold waters, heavy waves, and strong currents continually searching for the plane and the passengers aboard. Families have been informed about their relatives whom were on the plane that officials don’t believe they have survived, and were also asked if they could help identify any of the persons that they find throughout the rescue.  

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