One Small Step For Penguins, One Giant Leap for LGBT Activism

November 15, 2018

Sydney, Australia yet again makes the news but this time it isn’t for giant man-eating spiders or mean kangaroos, but rather for the birth of a baby penguin. Sphen and Magic, the two same sex penguin couple just became parents on October 19, 2018 at Sydney’s Sea Life Aquarium. The couple was given an egg from another couple that had laid two and their instincts immediately kicked in.

According to FOX news, Their baby chick was weighed in at a meer 3.2 ounces. Both penguin parents have taken turns caring for the new baby they can now call their own. Although the gender hasn’t been revealed and won’t be for another two months, fans have found themselves calling the baby Sphengic, a mix of the two parents names.

As sweet as it is, they are not the first same sex penguins to have welcomed a little baby. Roy and Silo, penguins of the Central Park Zoo in New York City, welcomed Tango, a baby chick. And penguins in Denmark made headlines as two same sex penguins kidnapped a chick from neglectful penguin parents.

Penguins around the globe are loving one another in ways that some humans aren’t too happy about, but love is love. nd as long as everyone is safe and loved, it’s all okay. For countries and zoos to be so open about the gay penguins, we are welcoming in a whole new form of acceptance and activism. Yay penguins!

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