Hershel The Hobo: His Mission Of Kindness

September 24, 2019

Jeffrey, aka Hershel The Hobo, is a thirty four-year-old man that puts his time and effort to give back.  Hershel spends his Sundays dressed up as a “sad” clown in the midst of those less fortunate. The clown of three years believes the word “homeless” to be an insult. In his mind, every person has a home whether that means in a ranch style home, an apartment or even “outside” in a park.  

He found that this sad clown persona broke him free of depression and judgment of others. And while most people are used to seeing clown imagine drawn on smiles and monstrous laughs, Hershel found that the “sad clown” was less of ghastly sight, that it would be less likely to push people away from him. 

His mission is to bring a community of people into fellowship with hot chocolate and snacks, to bring them together to ward of any loneliness that may occur in their journey of life. Hershel and his volunteers have impacted hundreds of those living outside with less warmth and less food. Those who have been lucky enough to been reached by Hershel will spread the stories of his kindness into every next chapter they live.

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    Hershel the hoboSep 25, 2019 at 12:00 pm

    What an honor. Thank you so very much for your kind words . The mission lives on ! Don’t Give Up ; I Believe In You !