Coachella Postponed

March 11, 2020

Every news story is covering the Corona Virus but few news outlets have yet to cover the most tragic result of the rapid spread of CoronaVirus: Coachella being postponed.

Coachella is a music festival that takes place in May every year where famous singers, actors, and media influencers all show up to show off their newest and wildest summer outfits and play up some new drama. 

Coachella is one of the celebrity drama highlights of the year. This huge social season event sets up the magazine highlights for the rest of the year. At the 2017 festival, Kylie Jenner met Travis Scott and 2 weeks later she was pregnant with her daughter Stormi. Justin Bieber got mad and punched a guy. Many new celebrity relationships begin and end at Coachella.

The other best part of Coachella is the unique outfits that can be found at this festival. Last year, James Charles (makeup artist) flexed on the haters in some buttless chaps. Nikita Dragun popped off in a Coco Chanel green latex bodysuit and bra. The Dolan twins posed with James Charles in coordinating crop tops.

This year, however, we have to suffer through the horrible tragedy of waiting until at least October to see the outfits and drama due to fears over the CoronaVirus. With the rapid spread of the virus and the media stimulated hysteria, celebrities aren’t willing to risk going to such a crowded place and there is even talk of canceling it all together, but most sources say that isn’t very likely.

Maybe this will all be for the best though. This way the drama might last long enough until it returns to its regular schedule in May next year. Hopefully, we’ll get to see many new outfits and couples.

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