Hundreds Help say Goodbye to El Paso Shooting Victim

March 11, 2020

Hundreds of people made their way to El Paso Texas from near and far to help Antonio Basco mourn the loss of his wife, Margie Reckard, at her funeral services on Friday, August 16th.


Reckard was one of the 22 victims of a shooting in the Texas town, which occurred at a local Walmart on August 3rd. Upon hearing through social media that anyone was welcome to attend the service, at least 700 strangers made an appearance to let Basco know he wasn’t alone, and help heal the wounds that the tragic event, and others before it, had created.


The open invitation was originally posted on Facebook by Perches Funeral Home, which was handling Margie’s services. The post explained how Reckard had little family apart from her husband, and therefore encouraged even those who didn’t know her to attend. In response, the funeral home received about 10,000 messages and tributes, as well as over 900 floral arrangements in Reckard’s honor, and of course an overwhelming, but well meaning, crowd who wished to say their own goodbye to Margie, and help her husband, who told CNN News that they had been together for 22 years, do the same.


So many people attended, that the services had to be moved from the funeral home to La Paz Faith Memorial and Spiritual Center. They had come from all over the country to show their support at the memorial, but the bulk of the group was made up of  El Paso residents. Locals went out to pay their respects and carry on the message that they are “El Paso Strong,” showing just how important it is for a community to come together and try to make a difference.


“It feels more emotional” one attendee told ABC news. “You can only donate so much blood, buy so many t-shirts” the woman said in regards to how she felt about being present at the event, proving that a sense of togetherness is an incomparable way to help mend what has been broken in the hearts of so many.


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