Biggest Trout Ever Caught

March 11, 2020

Caught with a rod and reel, a 72 pound Lake Trout raised the bar significantly, breaking records on a global scale, beating the second largest trout by close to 30 pounds. It is the largest, all tackle, world record holder Lake Trout. It was caught in August of 1995 by angler Lloyd Bull in Great Bear Lake, the largest lake in Canada. Many believe that there are bigger fish lurking, in fact, this claim is proved by the 83 pound Trout caught in the same lake, but it was disqualified from the title since it was caught with a gill net and the fish died before being set free into the catch-and-release only lake. But that doesn’t stop people from thinking there’s got to be bigger. Great Bear Lake is not just the largest lake in Canada, but the fourth largest in all of North America, the eighth largest in the world. There’s plenty of room for more behemoths in this 12,028 miles squared body of water. 

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