My Queen Taylor Swift

March 11, 2020

The first Taylor Swift song I ever heard was “Picture to Burn” in my dad’s pickup truck when I was five years old. I later got my first CD which was the Fearless album, which I often jammed to while playing with my Barbies. As I got older I tended to listen to the mainstream songs such as “Mean,” “22,” “Back To December,” and “Bad Blood.” It wasn’t until Taylor Swift dropped her Reputation album I listened to her more often. But her latest album Lover might be a favorite. When it first dropped I was underwhelmed and I went back a couple of months later I realized that they are BOMB songs. I keep finding a song that I hadn’t truly listened to that becomes put on replay for a week or two. For example “False God” is so good, the saxophone is killer. However, listening back to the Reputation album I have found some gems. “I Did Something Bad” and “This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things” can hype me up. Just like her song Taylor Swift herself is like a “fine wine” and gets better with age. 

Unlike many celebrities who become famous at a young age and become problematic, Swift has managed to stay classy and timeless. Her new documentary “Miss Americana” has only made me love her more. She tells her experiences with eating disorders and being repressed from expressing her opinions by many of the male figures on her team, including her own dad. Swift also tells the story of how she was sexually assaulted, how she reported him causing him to lose his job and how he sued her. Swift came back with suing him for $1 just to prove a point. 

After expressing her opinions of political leaders and encouraging young people to vote, she caught many people’s attention. The president of America Donald Trump was asked about Taylor Swift expressing her viewpoints he said he likes “Taylor’s music about 25% less now.” Which is crazy. She was even brought up to the president. Also after Swift directed her followers to go vote. reported that 364,000 new voters were registered within 72 hours. 

Taylor Swift was also given the honor of being Artist of the Decade at the end of 2019 at the AMAs. Putting her up with Elvis Presley (1950s), The Beatles (1960s), Stevie Wonder (1970s), Michael Jackson (1980s) and Garth Brooks (1990s). She also has more American Music Awards of all time, beating out Michael Jackson. 

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