Wooden Vs. Mechanical Pencils

March 11, 2020

Pencils are something we use every day but rarely do we truly acknowledge them and the differences between these two types. Where these differences become most impactful is when drawing with them. 

I have drawn throughout my whole life and mainly do black and white pencil drawings, and I find that a mechanical is my go-to choice. I like the ergonomic feel of a mechanical over a wooden pencil, and comfortability becomes a huge thing when undergoing hours of drawing at a time. Mechanicals also stay the same length their whole life, while other pencils can quickly shrink, which can also affect its comfortability. I am a tedious person when it comes to art. I draw in a realistic style with as many details as possible, so having a smaller and consistent lead size is essential for me. Some argue that shading with a wooden pencil is easier, but I find that after using a mechanical for so long, it is just as easy, if not easier.

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