Fruita: Friendly and Fortified

March 11, 2020

Located just on the border of Utah lies a little town famous for its biking trails, dinosaur dig sites, and unique businesses. With the cozy suburbs and ever-growing restaurants, it’s the perfect place to raise a family. With all these attributes, it’s no surprise that Fruita was recently rated one of the top safest cities in Colorado.

According to the Daily Sentinel, Fruita was ranked the 15th safest city in Colorado. Many factors were determined to study this including murder rate, theft rate, and median household income. The main reason Fruita was bumped up on the list was a report of decreasing property crimes. But what do Fruita’s residents have to say about this news?

Terri Timmer, Fruita Monument teacher and Fruita resident of thirteen years, was not astonished. “I never lock my doors,” she said proudly. Fruita Monument junior, Lucy Hassler, who has lived in Fruita her entire life says she loves living in the small town because of “the community feel everywhere you go.”

While it’s a miniscule on a map, Fruita is a hometown to many that continues to expand. With a friendly environment and exciting outdoor opportunities (not to mention low crime rates), who wouldn’t want to live in Fruita?

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