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September 25, 2017

Roll the Film!

Going into the new year of 2017, many of us movie fanatics were looking forward to all of the promising films that were offered to us. Student Jack Priske, said  “I’ve really enjoyed all the movies this year. I can’t wait for the new ones either”. From brand new Superhero movies to Dramatic War Thrillers, the new year was lookin’ good! These are just 5 of our Trending movies for the year of 2017!

  1. Dunkirk- As Germany pushed further into France, the battle on the beach of Dunkirk will forever be known. Director Christopher Nolan, mainly known for the Dark Knight trilogy, tells the story of this historic battle. Dunkirk portrays the act of heroism and courage, and if war and thriller movies are right up your alley, then this is definitely one to watch!


  1. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2-  The 2nd installment in the critically acclaimed Marvel series. It is well known for being one of the more humorous superhero series, these intergalactic protectors face yet another threat that again, threatens all of life. Releasing in May earlier this year, this movie raked in around 870 million dollars!


  1. Wonder Woman- The classic superhero made it on the big screen! One of the most recognizable superheroes of all time and female icons, Wonder Woman, made an appearance in the previous film, Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice. Wonder Woman told her origin story and was a massive blockbuster success over the summer. This movie managed to bring in the most money for a DC movie, and by no surprise! If you have some free  time and love the action that superhero movies have to offer, then this is a must see!


  1.  It (2017)- With the the remake of this Steven King horror novel, many fans are counting the days for this to release. If you’re a lover of horror and thrilling movies then this one you HAVE to see! Killer clowns, who knew it could be this scary! Make sure to mark your calendars because this one drops in theaters on September 8th.


  1. Star Wars: The Last Jedi- Of course this one is anticipated! The new movie follows the adventure of our newly introduced Jedi, Rey. This movie will also set her with one of our favorites, Luke Skywalker. This movie will showcase their adventures together throughout the galaxy to defeat a sinister villain! I mean it’s Star Wars, you can’t miss it. December 15th. Be there!


Cue The Music!

The year of 2017 has not only brought us great films, but also fantastic music too! Fellow student, Julian Chambers said, “I’m really looking forward to all the music this year and have enjoyed the others thoroughly”. Many fan favorites have dropped their albums this year, including Kendrick Lamar and Ed Sheeran. We have a list of our favorite albums as well as hit songs from those albums!


  1.  Drake: More Life- One of the most well known figures as well as rappers, dropped another set of songs earlier this year, following the release of his 2016 album, “Views”. Drake’s new music however, was much different. More life is actually a “playlist” and not an album which makes Views the most recent studio album. A little back story on the playlist name is actually referring to Jamaican slang, “more life”, which means “to wish someone well”. The most well known songs are Free Smoke, Passionfruit, and Fake Love


  1. 21 Savage: Issa Album- An extremely popular rapper, released his 7th album over the summer. His unique voice adds a great tone to a one of a kind album. The rhythm of his songs has a great flow and proves why many people enjoy the listen. The most popular song being Bank Account.


  1. Ed Sheeran: Divide- One of the most talented men in the music franchise. This album released earlier this year and still has some of the best tracks of 2017. The melody of this album is easy to just sit back and relax to. The most popular and trending songs from this album include Shape of You and Castle on a Hill.


  1. Khalid: American Teen- Up and coming artist, Khalid, have won over many by his relatable lyrics and really retro vibe. His songs tell about teenage problems, which makes him easy to relate to. He started out with one or two hits, but his album jumped from the 20’s to number 10 over the past month. His most popular songs include Location, Young Dumb and Broke, and American Teen.

      1. Kendrick Lamar: DAMN.- One of the most iconic and loved rappers in today’s culture is Kendrick Lamar. Between his lyrics and flow, this made this album stick out! Many of the fan favorites include HUMBLE., DNA., as well as LOYALTY., all of which include his rhyming skills and ability to flow his verses. Easily the top album of this year, based on amount of listens and popularity.


Picture Credit: Enchanted Mind

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