The Untold Art of Food

September 25, 2017

Food. The beautiful art to cooking and preparing food. It’s not everyday you identify cooking as an art unless you have the passion to call it art. Just like me and potentially thousands of people spend their free time finding new recipes and new ways to prepare the food you eat every day. Who knew that what you see as dinner could be a masterpiece to another. You don’t hear about cooking as an art form as much as painting or photography but it sure isn’t the least.

Cultural food and cooking is one of the most complex kinds of art. Unlike some simple but complex recipes can blow your mind with the time and thought put into them. In the Hispanic culture some known are tacos, burritos, and enchiladas. Who doesn’t get hungry thinking about them!! Asian culture has egg rolls, lo mien, and teriyaki. There are millions beyond millions of different of dishes people make we will never know.

Art is everywhere even in our breakfast lunch and dinner. Jason Manzanares has always said “Cooking is art even in the details already there you can put your own details inside the details.” Jason Manzanares has been cooking since he was younger than me. He worked in many restaurant kitchens throughout his years and even wanted his own. On a daily he makes his own creations of art with his own techniques. He still drives to have his own restaurant if he can scrape the extra time and extra money up. We’ll be crossing our fingers the day comes!

Although you or other people don’t see it cooking and the food you see every day is art. An art of its own but just as beautiful and important as the rest. So next time you look down at that plate of food appreciate the art cooks or mothers make everyday.


Picture Credit: Giovanna Manzanares

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