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Maze Runner: The Death Cure Review

February 5, 2018

Author James Dashner created the global phenomenon series “The Maze Runner” and and ended up on the New York Times #1 best seller list for his work. On January 26, the final movie of the series based off of the trilogy was released creating a massive response. The film threw you through a whirlwind of emotions, causing you to be struck by fright one moment, then completely heartbroken the next. Dashner and director Wes Ball, along with the many talented actors, yet again, did not fail to create a suspenseful, on the edge of your seat movie. Dashner creates an entire new realm for his readers, putting them into a complete alternative world. He does an incredible job at originating a vision for his readers to imagine as they are reading, as well as bringing that to life in the movies.

In relation to the book, you obviously can’t put every single detail mentioned in the novel into a movie without hours and hours of run time. With that being said, I definitely feel like the parts they did show in the movie hit the basic points made in the book that viewers would need to know in order to understand the storyline. But to give a basic plot summary about the third movie, Thomas and the gang make it their mission to rescue Minho from WCKD. Along the way, they run into inevitable trouble, constantly trying to figure out the best way to avoid the most amount of conflict possible.  Of course, a handful of those moments made in the book were altered in the movie to help the conflict make sense if you were to only have seen the movies. For example, Minho was never captured in the books, but for the majority of the movie, he was held as an experiment subject for the corporation that took him. If you have read the books, those little altercations may be a little bothersome to you, but they definitely did a thorough job at keeping the central point of the book within the movie. There is no doubt that the book is better than the movie. The book explains every detail thoroughly and has more drama within it that wasn’t seen in the movies, so I definitely recommend reading the novels as well.

“The Death Cure” is definitely a must see if you enjoy action packed, suspenseful movies. Since this is the final movie in the trilogy, they pick up where they left off previously. I, of course, recommend watching the first two movies before you watch this one, considering the fact that you will definitely be lost the entire time.You will get hooked on the characters’ performances and won’t be able to take your eyes off the screen. If you happen to be quite sensitive with your feelings, which there is nothing wrong with that, you will no doubt experience a tear jerker here and there. Every moment within the movie plays a massive part in the buildup of the conflict, or the ongoing conflict which began in the original “Maze Runner.” You will have feelings of hatred, love, sympathy, and anger all throughout the movie. I definitely recommend going to watch it, especially if you’re a fan of the books. The Death Cure was beyond great and I would gladly watch it again. It captured the heart-pounding action scenes, the scenes that every viewer is anxious for. For instance, when Thomas, Brenda, and Newt entered the city, conflict rose as they ran into Cranks. The movie also consisted of soul-crushing moments that could possibly cause you to get upset, but all in all, I recommend it 10/10.

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