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November 26, 2017

For the first time since 2002, the Fruita Monument football team was undefeated going into the state playoffs. Now, with every practice, snap and drop of sweat their focus and intensity strengthens. And much more importantly the brotherhood bond needs to tighten in their family in order to perform to the best of their abilities as a unit.

 It all started from the gecko, speaks free safety Canon Kreidler, “We had a spark of fire at the beginning of the season and we have just never lost that.”

 A blazing fire all starts from just a little spark and it can be difficult to put it out. They never got ahead of themselves, began speaking Kaden Jolly the backer for the Fruita Monument defense. “Coach Casebier (head football coach) taught us to live in the moment, and to not think or look towards the future.”

 One play at a time, that’s what gets the job done to win football games.  “As a brotherhood and as a family, we strive to be the best around each other  they can be and push ourselves as a whole not to be good, but to be great.”

Unfortunately, all greatness comes to an end, and people have to move on. Saturday 11th  afternoon the Fruita Monument Wildcats were defeated by Vista Ridge from Colorado Springs 34-39. It didn’t help their cause that their starting running back was suspended for two games. “I don’t believe we lost because we didn’t have Brayden (starting running back). “We lost because the mentality of Brayden not being there was overwhelming.” Daniel Haas explains the right guard of the Fruit Offensive line

 It was a shocking ending to the game as Fruita was heavily favored to win, but that’s why the game is played; to see which team performs better on the field not on paper. “Looking back,” Trey Dickerson starts, the right tackle for the Fruita offense, “I’m sad that the season had to end the way it did, but I’m humbly proud of the way we played all season.” He then clarified that he is proud of his team for never giving in and always fighting.

 They never gave up. This was clearly noticeable of their recent playoff game, as they were down the whole game, but never wanted to give in. They fought for everything and time was the only thing that they couldn’t stop from running out.

 Although the loss of the game was shattering upon the players and coaches, the brotherhood and the family is still a whole. All people experience bumps along the road of life, and for the players this is one of those bumps. But they have each other to climb over the obstacles in their way. And in times of distress such as this time, is the time when the bond becomes tighter and stronger. And this will be the only way to get through difficult times, as a whole, together, as a brotherhood.


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