A New Kind of Connection

December 1, 2017

Music has a magical way of affecting people. You listen to sad songs when you’re sad because somehow it makes you feel better. Or you plug in your “Pre-Game Playlist” to get you in the zone for the sport you play. Maybe you met your best friend at a concert. Whatever it is, music has a way of bringing people together and this connection is on the rise.

In 1936, Billboard magazine published its first music hit parade, the first Music Popularity Chart was calculated in July 1940, and a variety of song charts followed, which were eventually consolidated into the Hot 100 by mid-1958. People often times go to this site to see what songs are becoming popular or which ones are on the downfall. In 2016 on the Hot 100 Songs, Justin Bieber’s, “Love Yourself” was the number one song. Currently, Post Malone’s, “Rockstar” has been number 1 for two weeks in a row.

When JB’s song was popular, everyone was playing it. Now that “Rockstar” is the new hit, it’s on so many people’s playlists. Humans have a weird way of keeping up with the trends and sometimes starting them, whether it’s recommending songs to friends, or vice versa “. like the song, “Do it Myself,” by Russ because I’m independent and I like to do things myself.” Bailey Myers’ music recommendation.

It almost seems crazy how globally connected we all are. Celebrities in America are also celebrities in foreign countries. Music artists keep us united amidst the chaos that is always present in the world.

Each time music is played, someone is connecting with the lyrics, to the friend they’re sharing headphones with or to the people in their church. People listen to different types of music based on their emotions and bond with others through this.


Picture credit: thedj.co.uk

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