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The Logan Paul Debate

January 22, 2018

Famous youtuber Logan Paul is in the crossroads between ultimate fame and consequences with YouTube after a video of him showing a dead body in the suicide forest went viral. Logan Paul is an American vlogger and actor and first became popular on the social media app Vine.Vine was recently deleted and he moved onto his continuous YouTube series. Many people suffer from mental illness, depression , and things like suicide, and this issue is affecting so many people across the world. Suicide Forest in, also known as “The perfect place to die”, is the second most popular place for one to take their life alongside the Golden Gate Bridge. YouTube even considering cutting off their partnership with Paul because of the video.

The 22 year old posted 2 days after the incident on January 2nd.The video titled “So Sorry” contained him apologizing to the suicide victim and his family. He also apologized to his fans, and anyone offended by the video or affected by mental illness. He states “I should’ve never posted the video. I should’ve put the cameras down and stopped recording what we were going through.There’s a lot of things that I should have done differently but I didn’t and for that from the bottom of my heart I am sorry”. The video now has 40,200,110 views and the other video filmed in Aokigahara, Japan was deleted after YouTube saw the harmful content.

This video had a major effect on people using social media because many young people look up to Logan Paul and now see him as a dissapointment. Although not every ones knows about the video or the people in it but it still affects people in other ways. Suicide has been on the rise and it is the responsibility of everyone to contact someone (a counselor, adult, suicide hotline or other methods) if they are in need of help or know someone that is.

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