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Naughty or Nice?

January 22, 2018

Now that the holiday season is over, kids and teenagers are bursting at the seams with new, shiny, never-before-used gifts. But did you score as good as some people your age, such as the hundreds that ripped open new iPhone X’s this year? Whether it be a fitbit, laptop, book, gift card, concert tickets, or just plain cash,  many students of FMHS seemed to luck out on their gifts!

“[I got] a trip to Costa Rica. My family didn’t do any presents this year,” says senior Natalie McConnell. She was gone for two weeks and came back a few shades tanner (and with some awesome braids, of course) than the rest of us. Not many can say that they went on vacation to such a tropical place for winter break, which makes this present truly unique!

Another student at Fruita, sophomore Yolanda Allen, got more traditional gifts this year such as “clothing and makeup mostly.” Both of which are a necessity, of course! It seems like many of the students here at FMHS were good this year, and were rewarded for making it to the nice list.

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