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January 24, 2018

Technology is evolutionary. With that being said, many incidents have been stopped by the tracking and overview of activity going on all around the world. With the multitude of murders and crimes that are continuously ongoing, Apple products have been assisting by providing health data moments before some homicide cases.

19-year old Maria Ladenburger was murdered on October of 2016. They pieced together the puzzle of how she was killed with the help of the Apple health app on the suspect’s phone. When they unlocked it, they looked on his health app which revealed that he had gone through strenuous activity to murder Ladenburger. After he had killed her, he took her body up two peaks which translated into the phone as “climbing stairs.” The health app also tracked down the movements used by Hussein which the police used to help them solve where Maria’s body was located.

Many people associate trackers on phones as an invasion of personal space, but it tracks more than just everyone thinks. With the right intentions and proper use, it can help correlate the activity of those are going through situations that people may not think about. For example, the stair climbing wasn’t that at all. It was a steep walk to hide a body. Technology is highly beneficial and needs to be used as something more than just another device.


Photo By: Apple

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