Start Smart

January 24, 2018

With second semester starting, many students are dreading  the workload and possible repetition of semesters past. Students hope to get better this semester and so here are a few ways  to improve.

Many individuals try to turn their cheek to past mistakes, attempting to hide from them. The most beneficial thing one can do this semester is to take a look at their past hindrances and learn from them.  One of the largest obstacles the student body faces is the infamous procrastination. Often this issue comes from the lack of organization and maximization of one’s time. One can easily advance in this aspect by simply buying a planner, which are offered in the fees office.

Students often opt to do the bare minimum in order to pass a class, coasting through the assignments and homework. The best thing for individuals is to work smarter by setting goals, which will also help with one’s procrastination and time management. School can be a difficult and cumbersome place if not prepared. It can be beneficial for oneself to do things that comfort them and they enjoy. Finally, Fruita Monument High School, among other schools, has a large library and a generous quantity of computers. By taking advantage of these resources, one is already making an effort in the right direction.

Luckily, the semester is only a week in and students have plenty of time to implicate some, if not all, of the provided ideas for improvement.


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