DACA Delay

January 24, 2018

A recent Bipartisan meeting with President Trump led to last minute decisions with the future of teen immigrants. The meeting consisted of Congress and President Trump speaking about where they stood on this issue. If they don’t make up their minds soon, 690,000 unauthorized immigrants will lose their workers permits and deportation protection, especially due to Trump’s decision in September to discontinue the act.

The meeting was 2 ½ hours long and took place January 10, 2018. After the meeting, the President tweeted: “As I made very clear today, our country needs the security of the Wall on the Southern Border, which must be part of any DACA approval” (@realDonaldTrump).

The Development, Relief and Education for Alien Minors Act is a bill in Congress that, if not denied by Trump’s settlement, would have granted legal status to undocumented immigrants brought to the United States as children and attending school here. There were around 700,000 other “Dreamers” that did not apply for this act.

In the end, Trump’s decisions were affected because he was trying to take pressure  both political parties when he said “I’ll take the heat off the Democrats and Republicans”. Congress was given a deadline for March 5th by Trump before the recipients legal status of the DACA will expire.


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