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Strange Sports

April 12, 2018

You probably know football, basketball, baseball, and soccer to be some favorite sports, but have you heard of extreme ironing, toe wrestling, bossaball and wife carrying? These strange and unique sports are found across the world and are some of the most fascinating to do on your freetime.

Taking place in Derbyshire, UK, toe wrestling is the sport you want to be in. It’s just like arm wrestling, but you are using your toes! Pull your socks off and get ready because they host a championship and battle each other to the top two toe wrestlers every year. Leaving contestants with toe cramps and sore feet and surrounded by people chanting your toe names this seems to be a tough competition.

Do you spend too much time watching sports and not bonding with your wife? Do both in the sport of wife carrying. Carry your wife through successfully going through a obstacle course consisting of log jumps and mud pools and you win! You can compete in Sonkajärvi, Finland where it originated and is very popular.

Volleyball, soccer, and gymnastics combined on a giant trampoline creates one of the most competitive and fast paced sports known to man. In this game, you team up with 2-6 players on a giant inflatable trampoline with 4 sections. The 4 sections each have their own level of points. You and your teammates play volleyball and soccer together while flipping and jumping around. This exciting game is a common beach activity originating in Spain and was created by Belgian Filip Eyckmans in the early 2000s.

Finally, we come to the heated subject of extreme ironing. When common house tasks become boring just turn it into an extreme sport. In this activity you carry your iron, a shirt, and your ironing board through a wilderness setting and find the most remote and extreme area to iron a shirt. From high in the treetops to between  rocks on top of a cliff, people search to find the winning place to iron. This originated in Leicester, England and they play all year around, and in the most strange places while being judged not only on the difficulty of the extreme activity or location, but also how well pressed the clothing is at the end of their allotted time.

Would you take a whirl at these unique sports and risk the chances of a toe cramp, wrinkled shirt, and injured wife? These sports have an extra twist that makes them all the better.

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