(Courtesy of Creative Commons)

Courtesy of Creative Commons

Odd Jobs

April 9, 2018

There’s snake milkers, professional cuddlers and even human ash portrait artists. Jobs all over the world help people and really mean something and most don’t even know it. Looking for a new job or just a first one in general? Amsterdam, a beautiful place and even you could go there to be a … bike fisherman? Yes that’s right they fish for bikes. Amsterdam’s canals will never run short so this job will be a keeper. Britain, known for tea and monarchy but you could go there and be a bed-warmer in some of the finest hotels. There are jobs for anyone even in your hometown. Go to care.com/odd-jobs/grand-juction-co and you’ll see things like running errands for elderly or doing someones laundry. Of course it’s no bed-warmer or bike fisherman, but everyone could use a little extra cash.

A snake milker. A well-paid job for the actual job description. Squeezing the venom out of snakes and breeding them sounds quite crazy, but some venom can sell for $2,000 per gram. If you had this job, you could make $2,500 a month. It’s a dangerous job and takes a degree in biology, biochemistry, herpetology or zoology. Along with that you must actually have the courage to milk a deadly venomous snake every day. It is very important for them to do this. It is not only fascinating and would be fun to say “I milked a snake”, but they use the venom to study and find antivenoms for people that get bit. You would work in a controlled laboratory . It is always important to wear protective gear.

Art is an amazing and incredible way to celebrate things all over the world and to show how you feel, but have you ever thought about being a human ash portrait artist?  It’s exactly as it sounds. An artist will use the passed one’s ashes and paint a portrait of them with it. Sounds quite odd, but the art that comes out of it is beautiful. It really captures the essence of the person and has a feeling of connection since it was made of the person. There isn’t a specific annual or monthly salary for an ash painter but most artists can make from $52,000-$75,000 a year. Each painting is from $300-$700. They don’t always have to be portraits though. There are some that are lions and even ones that are cigarette metaphors. One piece of art is a skull out of ash trailing a cigarette. This artwork can get deep and thats why its important to find a way to express yourself. This is a good way to really keep the person alive forever in a metaphorical sense. If using “Art from Ashes”(a project made by 32 year old Adam Brown, an ash painter) isn’t your thing, then you could transform them into a glorious diamond.

Jobs make this world go round. From age 15 to retirement it is important to find something you are really passionate about. It might not be anything too crazy like using ashes to paint the dead or squeezing venom from a snake’s fangs, but it’s a necessity. Working together is a huge factor in the world for peace, and even teenagers need to get jobs. One day you could be a bike fisherman or even someone that helps people with their laundry.

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