Love Simon Review

April 13, 2018

As we grow up, we develop relationships with many different types of people that range from friendships to romantic relationships. These relationships are often what define who we are and who we want to be. The movie “Love Simon” shows this very well through all the different scenes from him and his parents to him and his friends and how their relationships are so strong .

A 17 year-old teenage boy named Simon is dealing with all the high school drama that we all go through, but his experience is a little different. The difference is that he is gay and has to deal with the struggle that comes with being gay in high school. He has fallen in love with another anonymous boy online and spends the movie trying to find him as well as dealing with deciding to come out to his family, friends and school.

The courage it takes for anyone to come out to the people they love is an extremely hard thing to do, and Simon’s family and friends are very good at handling it and their love for him never changes. Although he is bullied for it by some other students who had posted his emails with the boy online, in the end everyone is happy for him and just want him to be who he truly he is. Sexuality is a  controversial issue in our society today, and has created a problem that should have never became a problem in the first place.

Love Simon shows us that love is a beautiful thing no matter who it is you love and has taught us to be accepting because we all only live once, and there is no point is spending it fighting with someone that likes the same sex.

The movie is a true success and long awaited movie that shows us the true meaning of life which is to accept everyone for who they are and to just be caring human beings. That meaning is to be who you are no matter what anyone says or does to you because you deserve to be happy the same as everyone else. This movie brings attention to the problem we have with bullying other people for their sexuality which is wrong and it shouldn’t matter if they are a boy or a girl or black or white. We all deserve to be happy with who we are and love whoever we want because loving someone just happens; it isn’t something you can plan.We also deserve to not feel like we are being judged for it. Simon’s parents and friends are very accepting of him and who he has become and are proud of his choice to come out and Simon fights for his right to be himself and to love whoever he wants.

The movie showed all of this through all the funny scenes like Simon spending time with his friends as well as the sad scenes like when Simon’s sister Nora tried to comfort him. The creation of this movie might be sensitive to some people, but it is meant to show us to be more compassionate and caring human beings to everyone and to be supportive because everyone is fighting a battle you have no idea about. I would recommend this movie to teenagers and adults and anyone who might be going through a similar situation in their life. Overall, the performance of the great actors made you feel like you were there with them and that is what really made this movie a success and to feel all of the emotions that the characters felt was pretty amazing.

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