Kick the Dust Up: One Starry Barn Prom

May 10, 2018

Prom, as we all know, is right around the corner. Dress and shoe shopping, suit fittings, dinner arrangements and picture planning is all coming together for a night full of memories to be made. This year, the memories where prom were made in recent years will not be held at the same venue. In the past, prom was held at the CMU ballroom, but this year, it has been changed to the Lincoln Park Barn by Stocker Stadium.

I’m sure many people are wondering why the change of the location for Prom has changed. The school has decided to change it due to the fact that it costs about $1,500 less than it would if we were to have it at CMU. So naturally, altering what most teachers and this year’s seniors were expecting or even hoping for, Senate went for the more affordable venue, and decided to use the extra money that they will be saving for better decorations and supplies to make the Prom out of this world.

This year, the theme is “Under the Stars.” On a magical night such as Prom, it’s no doubt that this name is more than fitting. Every student attending will shine just as bright as the night sky, and the smiles will light up the entire barn. “Under the stars,” a night full of dancing, singing, laughter will overtake the entire facility, and every negative thought will be drowned out with the happy memories that will be made.

Since Student Council is responsible for the decorations and the entire arrangement of Prom itself, some of the Senate students are are not exactly sure what to expect. Senior Courtney Bolin stated, “Well, because I’m a senior [in Senate] I don’t help with set-up.” With that being said, she continued by saying, “But I trust the juniors with their decision to change the venue. Even though everyone is upset about the location change this year, I personally don’t think the location makes much of a difference.”

For some of the students attending, the location of the venue may be the least important or least spectacular detail of the evening. Of course, once you step foot of the venue, there will be awe and admiration for the decorated place, but for others, it may just be another minor ar

Many students believe that having the most decked out venue means the better the Prom experience. Bolin disagreed. “Prom is about the experience and the people you go with, not where it is and how well it’s decorated.”

For some people, like most juniors or even some seniors, they may not know anything else but the barn for the Prom experience, as it may be the first time they will ever attend. Senior Scott Kwiatkowski was asked about his thoughts on the change of location for the event, and he didn’t even know that there was a change in the first place. But as a senior who had never gone to Prom before, he said, “I’ve never been, so I can’t say, but I am going this year because it’s my last year of high school, and I’m being as active as I can.”

Since most people attending Prom this year are like Scott, expectations for the entire event may have not changed. Most students are more focused on having a great time with friends or their date, and just having the experience of being able to go out dressed in all glam attire, and looking dashing as ever, and just having a fun and enjoyable night.


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