Western Slope Rattled by Largest Recorded Earthquake

On Friday, August 24th, 2018 the Western Slope of Colorado experienced one of the largest recorded earthquakes. Although Grand Junction and Fruita are located roughly 50 miles from the epicenter, the 4.3 magnitude quake could be felt all through the area. According to GJ Sentinel, even some Delta County residents experienced shaking homes early that morning. “My wife and I woke up at 4 a.m. to our bookshelf tapping against the wall and our bed shaking and swaying back and forth,” claimed an unknown  Glenwood resident.

An unnamed resident from New Castle wrote, “I was sitting on my couch when it occurred… it only lasted about 20 seconds.” A majority of people claimed that it lasted no longer than that.

Following the initial quake was a 2.9 after shock or “tremor.” Geophysicist, Paul Caruso, states that it isn’t uncommon for earthquakes of that size to produce an after shock, which is what he believes it was. According to Caruso, although uncommon, 4.0 magnitude earthquakes are nothing new for Colorado.

However we will not know what caused this to occur, further research and time will reveal more details. Thankfully, no damage was done and everyone is safe. As for history, one of the largest earthquakes was recorded in Western Slope of Colorado.