Florida Uber Driver Shoots and Kills Man in Pursuit

We were always told not to enter a strangers car, but now in the twenty first century we pay to get into stranger’s cars. But this comes with a lot of background checks and safety regulations. Uber stresses the safety of traveling with there service. So what happened in Florida?

A dashboard camera forever captured the moment Robert Westlake shot and killed Jason Boeks.

According the police report,  Westlake was Ubering a friend of Jason Boeks girlfriend from a local bar, at 2:30 am August 28th 2018. in Winter Haven, Florida, After Boek saw his girlfriend helping her friend into the Uber he assumed she got in to, when in reality she went back to the bar for another drink. Beginning a deadly incident of who’s who.

Boek then followed Westlake and eventually ran him off the road. Jumping out of the car, he shouted, “ You know I have a pistol, you want me to F***ing shoot you.”

After this threat Westlake defended himself by shooting Boek. He came towards me shouted” he’s got a pistol”and reached for his waistband “ Westlake said.”

After he shot Boek, Westlake called 911 and did what he could to save him, however when help arrived Boek was dead at the scene.

The investigation is still ongoing.