Child Abuse Charges Dismissed in NM Desert Compound Case

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      The latest on the New Mexico desert compound where 11 neglected children were found is making people’s heads turn. The father of the dead child found pled not guilty to the charges of abuse resulting in death.

      The others that were charged with the same crime remained silent during the reading of these charges, with no reaction. According to US News and World Report, the lack pleas have made the judge, Emilio Chavez dismiss the initial charges of child neglect against the five that were arrested earlier this month  upon finding 11 children living in imposible conditions and a 3 year old body.

       They could still be charged if the prosecutors ask a grand jury to indict but there was no immediate indication of how that would happen with but they are proceeding with charges against the found dead body. This could bring life sentences to those accused. Officials have accused Sirajul Wahhaj and Lexile of denying the now dead boy proper medicine and health care.