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November 2, 2018

Drama club is one of the most unique and interesting clubs in the school and has been around forever. A club with lots unique and friendly people that all work together to try to create the best performance possible. Drama Club has three different parts that all help contribute to making the best show they can possibly create.


First and foremost we have the actors. Without actors there would be no show to be performed. Everyday after school, actors report to the auditorium as well as the entire Drama Club to rehearse their upcoming plays. What they do during these rehearsals is run through their lines and work on making  the most authentic act they can.

“Every time we’re about to act we do warm ups. One, to get bonding exercises, that way we can get comfortable with the people we are working with. Two, so that our voices are warmed up and aren’t hoarse, and three, so we get in the mindsets of the characters we are playing as,” said Elise Fero the President of the Drama Club, when speaking about the warm-ups the actors/actresses do before rehearsing or performing a play. These warm-ups help the actors to warm up their voices to not sound hoarse. But mainly these warm-ups are to help the cast build a bond with each other and become comfortable to work with.

There many actors that are used for their shows. You have the main cast and the extras. The extras are usually used for just one scene throughout the entire play, not really having a major role but still important to the story of the play. The main cast are the main characters that are used throughout the entire play and have a critical role to making the story important. “I was an extra for the show, ‘Don Quixote’ and I was gone for a few days but when I came back everyone was joyous when I returned even though I was an extra for the show, my character was still a loud and important figure for the scene,” Said Abe last name the head of Media for the Drama Club.

Stage Crew

Stage Crew is another important factor to drama club. If it weren’t for stage crew there wouldn’t be a set for the play. With in this faction of Drama leads to more contribution groups to help Drama with the play

First off, we have the crew that sets up props and changes the environment that the play needs to transition into the next act. It really depends on the play on how much they move props around to create an different environment. In the play, “Doll’s House” the stage environment only changes once throughout the entire show. Which isn’t much at all for stage crew who usually switch the stage up many times throughout the play. Stage Crew usually changes the set up around 5 times throughout the show, but in the recent upcoming play, “Doll’s House” they aren’t as active as usual. “Usually we are pretty active in changing the set throughout performances, but in, ‘Doll’s House’ there is only one set change throughout the entire play,” said Braedyn Bleak, the Stage Representative. “We have around six members that change the set for the plays,” said Braedyn.

The make up department is also another important part of Drama. To create a dramatic look for the actors/actresses you gotta have makeup. Makeup helps create the environment that the actors are trying to create for the the performance. The makeup department really doesn’t do much but apply the makeup to the actors/actresses. In the recent play, “Doll’s House” there really isn’t  any crazy makeup compared to a show like, “Stranded”. “I haven’t really been told about anything yet regarding this play, we’re just kind of looking for ideas right now,” said Allie, a member of drama.

Tech Crew

Tech Crew is also another really important job for Drama. Tech Crew has the tasks of controlling the lights, sound, and etc. The lights for a performance is very important. Lights light up that stage and create a atmosphere that is either warm and joyful or cool and depressing. There’s two different type of jobs for lights. The first job is the light board.

The light board, controls all the lights besides the spotlight during the performance. Light board is responsible for changing the main lights throughout the entire performance. They change the lights from either cool and depressing to warm and happy setting, depending on what the director wants for the play. Light board is also responsible for the blackouts to transition into a different act/scene.

Spotlight(s), is used when someone in the performance needs focused on. In the recent play, “Doll’s House” the spotlight is only used once throughout the entire show. Usually spotlight is used much more throughout performances. Spotlight usually do have a very critical part in performances.In the recent play, “Doll’s House” the spotlight is only used once throughout the entire play. “ I only use the spotlight once throughout the entire show but I do feel like I have a critical part on bringing focus to these characters in that scene,” said Samantha Younger, one of the spotlight people in Drama. Spotlight usually brings focus to a subject(actor/actress) that are having a dialogue and also can be really important to keep focus on subjects when they are moving around stage that way the audience has their eyes set on the main subjects of that scene.

The soundboard, is the only part of tech that doesn’t involve the lights in the auditorium. The soundboard includes many tasks of playing the sound effects and the music throughout the show. The soundboard can have a very critical part on the performance or can have an less important role than usual. Either way soundboard is still always an important role during a performance needs during a play whether that be sound effects throughout the play or music that needs to play during an certain part. These sound effects could be either a door slamming, a doorbell, or etc.

Drama club is one of the most unique clubs out there and could use any help they can get, whether that be with tech, acting, or stage crew. If you would like to join, talk to Herring about joining Drama and the position you would to be in, in Drama.

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