A Day In The Life Of Bryce Boggs

November 14, 2018

Students involved in sports have different views on how busy their day is. While some students stress about the lack of time, others balance their day with ease.

Bryce Boggs, senior at Fruita Monument High School, is a track and field athlete as well as cross country runner. He takes science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) classes through Western Colorado Community College in the mornings. He also takes classes at Fruita Monument High School in the afternoon. His classes at FMHS range from American Government to AP Calculus.

When asked what he eats, he described an assorted menu ranging from pastries to eggs. Boggs expressed that his favorite part of the morning is petting his miniature Australian Shepherd puppy, Ash.

After getting ready for the day he heads over to WCCC, a division of Colorado Mesa University. WCCC’s STEM is a competitive program directed by Michael Mahoney. In order to be accepted into this program one must fill out an application the year prior.  

“My favorite classes are the ones in the STEM program(…). Since I’m majoring in engineering in college, I figured I’d get some courses out of the way before I officially start college.” which is used as an introductory to engineering, as well as the “AP calculus and AP Physics 2” courses he takes at Fruita Monument High School.

WCCC classes end around fourth period for FMHS so he has a little reprieve time to go home, eat lunch, play with his puppy and work on homework if need be. After his time at home, he heads to FMHS to take some of his other favorite courses and necessary classes for graduation.

The bell rings at 2:50 pm to excuse the students to head home but at this time, Boggs, heads to get dressed for his practices that start  at 3:30 pm and end around 5:oo pm or 5:30 pm. During the summer and into the fall, his practices at cross country require him to run a longer distance, about three miles at least, and the occasional weights routine. In the winter into the  spring, Boggs runs track for the shorter distance races, approximately 800 meters (2 laps) to 3200 meters (8 laps). No matter which season he is in, Boggs says that his favorite part about the practices is, “Getting to see my friends and just running in general.”

I asked Boggs if he found it difficult to balance his time with sports and different schools of attendance. He replied, “Not at all, I don’t have a lot to balance in the first place but I tend to have a few free hours once I get my homework done,” which is allots to about an hour. At the end of the night he does what many teenagers do: listens to good music, watches some YouTube videos and then goes to bed in order to wake up and repeat a similar day.  

With the extra time on the weekends, he volunteers at Roice Hurst Humane Society. “Dogs are fun and there’s plenty of them that could use help and be adopted,” he said when asked to expand about this.

Boggs is excited to graduate from Fruita Monument in the spring and continue his education in engineering at Colorado State University. Until then he will enjoy his time learning at the two schools a day and going on long runs.

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